The Quiet Man Museum, Tours & Giftshop

The Quiet Man Museum is an exact replica of the exterior of White O’Morn, the ancestral cottage bought by Sean Thornton on his return to Ireland, as the original White O’Morn cottage is unfortunately now in ruin. The Museum is also an exact replica of the White O’Morn interior, which was a Hollywood set. The The Quiet Man Museum represents the first time the exterior and the interior of White O’Morn have been created in one place.

The The Quiet Man Museum offers an on-set experience with exact replicas of all the key furnishings and artifacts from the movie including Sean Thornton’s big bed, Mary Kate’s cottage piano, china and pewter and cradle, and the tandem bicycle, as well as costumes made by the same company - O’Maille’s of Galway - who made them for John Ford in 1951. Quiet Man enthusiasts (or Quiet Man Crazies as they are endearingly called locally!) can dress up in costume for photos.

The Quiet Man Museum also houses Napoleon, the horse’s, original harness and a first edition of the Maurice Walsh collection of short stories – Green Rushes - on which the screenplay for The Quiet Man was based.

The Museum also showcases the largest collection of Irish newspaper articles from the time the movie was filmed, which were sourced through a painstaking trawl of the microfiche files in local libraries. This first hand account allows enthusiasts to read exactly what it was like when Hollywood took over the village of Cong in 1951. There is also a very fitting tribute to Dick Farrelly, the composer of The Isle of Innisfree – the movie’s theme music.

John Wayne’s widow, Josephine, commented in the Musuem’s visitor book that ‘Duke would have loved this!’

Award winning guided walking tours of The Quiet Man film locations depart daily from The Quiet Man Museum. The tour features many of the locations in the movie including Innisfree, Castletown, the Pat Cohan Bar, the Reverend Playfair’s house, the dying man’s house, the fight scenes, the courting scenes, the commemorative statute and includes entry to The Quiet Man Museum.

Hear what the film stars were like, how the stars interacted with the locals & what happened when Hollywood took over the village of Cong in the summer of 1951.
Private chauffeur tours to all of The Quiet Man film locations in Cong village, the Ashford Castle Estate, Connemara and farther afield are also available. Visit for more information.